Posted by: lcowie | November 16, 2010

Why Get an Energy Audit?

Why do homeowners get energy audits? What do they complain about? Homeowners usually complain about three main things – comfort, energy use, and air quality. You will discover which of these complaints your homeowner has when you interview him or her prior to the audit.

Homeowners want to be comfortable in their homes more than anything. They will pay whatever they have to to feel comfortable. Generally the complaints about comfort regard drafts in the winter or inefficient air conditioning units. There’s nothing worse than your worse feeling like the same temperature that it is outside. Homeowners will hire a professional to fix the problem so they can feel comfortable in their homes again. Please note that a BPI Building Analyst Professional will get to the root of the homeowner’s problem; the certified energy auditor will not just replace an easily accessible filter if the problem goes deeper than that. BPI Building Analysts are trained to find the source of the problem and diagnose from there, so that the problem does not occur again.

When it comes to energy use, some homeowners try to conserve energy by keeping the lights off or not running their air conditioning units until mid-June. Other homeowners use what they need to feel comfortable, which could be consistently high energy consumption. When the homeowner discovers a spike in the energy bill, he or she will wonder what happened. The energy auditor must come in and determine what caused the spike. The problem can be corrected simply by hiring a professional who will find the problem. Not only can the homeowner work through that spike in the bill, but he or she could possibly end up paying even less than before, with the help of the energy audit.

Lastly, air quality is an important issue for all occupants in a home, but the issue becomes even more pertinent when one or more occupants have a respiratory infection or allergies. If the home has an overwhelming amount of dust, mildew, mold, or asbestos, it is unhealthy for anyone to breathe in the air. A BPI Building Analyst is trained to look for these indoor air problems and determine which appliance or leak has caused them. On the other hand, an energy auditor cannot go through with all his or her tests if these indoor air problems are insidious. The tests could make the indoor air problems worse. Having diagnosed the problem, the energy auditor can recommend a specialized professional to treat the problem.

Comfort, energy usage, and air quality are the main reasons why homeowners seek energy audits. They notice a problem in their home and want it to be fixed. Leave a comment if you’ve heard any other kinds of homeowner complaints.


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