Posted by: lcowie | November 16, 2010

BPI Testing Strategies

I’m the type of person who studies using flashcards. When I was studying for the BPI Building Analyst exam, I made flashcards of the material presented in my BPI training course. I ended up making what feels like 400 flashcards!

I’m not sure if that was the best study method, since I only looked through the flashcards twice, all the way through. I think it was the process of writing down the material that helped me most. I’m going to keep those flashcards, though, so I’ll always have that information.

When it comes to the blower door testing and combustion safety testing, my BPI training instructor had each person in my class go through the test and explain what we were doing. It was supposed to be a helpful way to learn, understand, and remember the material. It was very beneficial. Not only did I have the opportunity to explain the test, but then I had to sit through 8 other students’ explanations!

The BPI Building Analyst material really isn’t that hard. Much of the information I learned was common sense, but it was stuff that you rarely think about, like airflow within a home. I imagine the BPI Building Analyst exam is probably much easier than the LEED Exam. Everyone in my BPI training course passed their exams.

How did you study for the BPI Building Analyst exam? Leave a comment with your tips!


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