Posted by: lcowie | November 16, 2010

Blower Door Testing

There are quite a few steps involved before starting up the blower door for a home energy audit. The fan on the blower door pulls air from inside the house and measures airflow, leakage, air changes and ventilation inside the house. Here is a listing of all the steps you need to take before starting the blower door test:

  • Turn off all combustion appliances and switch water heater to pilot
  • Turn off all ventilation appliances (exhaust fans, range hoods, dryers, etc)
  • Open interior doors
  • Close all exterior doors and windows
  • Turn off all air handler unit fans
  • Make sure all fires are extinguished and cover/remove ashes
  • Check for possible indoor air quality (IAQ) issues (mold, asbestos, etc) Do not conduct test if present.

You want to turn off combustion appliances and switch water heater to pilot because you don’t want to cause spillage or draft of carbon monoxide.

You need to clean the fireplace area, or places with ashes, because you don’t want the ashes to move during the blower door test and spark to create a fire.

All homes have some kind of mold, but if you see an overwhelming problem, you should not conduct the blower door test.

Are there any other steps you usually take before conducting a blower door test? Leave a comment if you have any other tips or stories.


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