Posted by: lcowie | November 16, 2010

Benefits of a Home Energy Audit

Homeowners want to know what they can expect to save from air sealing during a home energy audit. As a certified BPI Building Analyst, you should be able to provide the homeowner with some support for your recommendations. The answer depends on how leaky their home is, as leakier homes will see bigger savings from air sealing.

The quick way of evaluating this predicament is to look at your blower door reading. If the cubic feet per minute leaving the home at 50 Pascals is above 4000, then there are significant leaks needing sealing. Thorough air sealing efforts should produce impressive energy savings for the homeowner.

Blower door readings below 4000 indicate some leaks in the home, so targeted air sealing should produce some energy savings.

If the blower door reading at 50 Pascals says 2000 or below, then the home is too airtight and actually needs mechanical ventilation.

I worked on a home last week that had airflow of 6140 cubic feet per minute at 50 Pascals. The house was incredibly leaky; you could feel air moving at the floor joists and light switches. The homeowner will save tons of money if they seal up all the leaks in their home. It would be a huge project, but it is necessary.

What’s the highest blower door reading you’ve seen at 50 Pascals? Leave a comment below!


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