Posted by: lcowie | December 7, 2009

Places that Matter: Cornelius

Nature in Jetton Park allows for vivid memories

Bethany Hummel does not enjoy sitting inside. Rather than staying in and watching television with her friends, Hummel travels 20 minutes from her home in Mooresville, N.C., to make memories.

Jetton Park in Cornelius, N.C., features 105 acres of beach, picnic areas, tennis courts, playgrounds and various other trails. Hummel brings friends to this location to take pictures.

Some of the scenic areas in which Hummel chooses for her pictures include the lakefront beach, the wooden gazebo nestled in the woods and the big tree stump.

According to Hummel, nature creates vivid memories. When she reflects on the times she has had with her friends, Hummel thinks back to the green grass, the orange leaves and the blue lake water.

Hummel chooses to travel to Jetton Park because it is one of the only natural parks close to where she lives. Despite the repeated location, Hummel says no two pictures look the same.


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