Posted by: lcowie | August 17, 2009

LEED Exam Testing Strategies

For some, taking the computerized LEED Exam can be an exasperating and overwhelming experience. It is best to know and understand the test format before entering the Prometric Testing Center.

An important feature of the LEED Exam is the ability to mark and review. “Marking” a question indicates that you are unsure of your answer or needing to return the question for further review. Marks do not affect your score. They serve as reminders for you to answer every question, even if you are unsure. Once you are done answering all the test questions, you may hit the Review button and see all the questions that you have marked.

Most people mark between 20-30 questions, but you may mark as many questions as you would like. If you’re in doubt, you should mark the question. When you’re done with the exam, you should spend time reviewing the marked questions in depth, and then move on to reviewing the exam questions in their entirety.

Some additional exam testing strategies include:

  • Answering all questions straight through
  • Eliminating incorrect answers (as well as finding the correct ones)
  • Keep notes
  • Guess — don’t leave anything blank (wrong answers do not count against you)

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