Posted by: lcowie | June 30, 2009

Last Day of LEED v2.2

Today is the last day of LEED v2.2, so there are 5-10,000 people taking the LEED Exam today. We’ve been watching the last-minute chatter on the ARE Forum, a resource for the learning community on the web with active users comprised of both practitioners in architecture and academics involved in research and teaching. Traffic on the forum has jumped from about 26 users at any one time to 160 last night, as people crammed for the exam.

The leader of the pack appears to be chaznsc. Chaz wrote the following after learning about his LEED AP passage:

Well, I cant believe it’s over. I took the exam bright and early this morning at 8am and scored a 194! I just sat there and stared at the screen once I saw the score.

Section 1: Understanding LEED Credit Intents and Requirements 93%
Section 2: Coordinate Project and Team 94%
Section 3: Implement LEED Process 93%
Section 4: Verify, Participate, and Perform Technical Analysis Required 79%

I don’t know what happened to me on the last section.

Chaz went on to note the study habits and reference guides that helped him pass.

I signed up for an EverBlue Energy class. I cannot say enough about how well rounded and thorough the EB class is. The instructor (Chris), who is a West Point Grad (General Engineering), is a true teacher. He knows LEED upside down, inside and out. They are a USGBC certified instructor, and for good reason. Being in the Civil field, a lot of the other areas were hard to grasp. The differences in this course and the SouthFace are larger than I can put into words. I came out of the 2 day class with UNDERSTANDING of much of what had once just been INFORMATION. You still have to put in the study time, so nothing is a free ride, but you really cannot appreciate LEED until you understand the moving parts.Chris helped me with questions AFTER the class for many weeks. He encouraged us to contact him, and I took him up on it. TAKE THIS CLASS. Everblue Energy LEED Exam Test Prep

I used the EverBlue guide and practice questions (250) were very very helpful as was the 80 question practice exam. They were very close to the actual exam style-wise.

Chaz’s success has propelled him to the forefront, as one forum poster jokingly requests his bid for president: “Chaz thanks for the time you put into this site…the emails really helped as well….and seriously chaz you have my vote [for President]!

There is much excitement on this day, the last of LEED Exam v2.2. Good luck to all taking the exam today! We hope the best for you and would love to hear about your experience and results.


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