Posted by: lcowie | September 23, 2008

Campus Tour

A long line of Elon applicants?

Local high school students tour campus

by Lesley Cowie

Elon upperclassmen may find hundreds of local Burlington students sitting beside them in class next fall. Busloads of students from Williams and Graham high schools arrived on Elon’s campus Tuesday morning to tour the university.

Aramark staff nervously set up the tables for College Coffee as the students formed lines for their tour guides. Staff, unaware of the day’s agenda, watched the parade of students and prepared for the influx of new mouths to feed.

Elon tour guides were on site to direct the two large groups through campus. The single-file lines went on for a couple yards, filling up the brick pathways of Young Commons. One teacher in charge of the Williams High School group prodded the students along in order to eliminate confusion with the Graham students.

Because this high school tour occurred so early in the morning, few Elon students were awake and available to catch the sight. By the time College Coffee began, the body of students had disappeared. College Coffee went on as usual, this week sponsored by the interfraternity council.

Graham students and parents received a flier regarding a career fair being held at Elon Tuesday evening. The event will take place in Alumni Gym from 6:30-8 pm. Representatives from more than 70 colleges and universities will be on site.

Whether or not the tour is related to the career fair is unknown at this time.


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