Posted by: lcowie | September 22, 2008

Michelle Ferrier

Michelle Ferrier presents her experiences with emerging technology to Elon undergrads

by Lesley Cowie

Students and faculty were in for a treat Friday as Dr. Michelle Ferrier her PowerPoint presentation on emerging technology. Ferrier is one of prospective professors for the new Interactive Media masters program at Elon.

Ferrier’s presentation noted the changes in media, primarily in newspapers. She focused on how the traditional editor’s role has become that of a sense-maker. The old model for news showed the editor’s responsibilities forming a nucleus. The new model for news, however, allows the editor to make decisions by means of communication with a variety of other sources.

CNN's homepage utilizes a variety of multimedia tools, from videos to I-reports.

CNN's homepage utilizes a variety of multimedia tools, from videos to podcasts.

She went on to describe how different news sources utilize technology in their coverage of the news. Ferrier showed web examples from The New York Times, Washington Post, Daytona Beach’s News-Journal, and CNN. As evident through Ferrier’s graphics, CNN’s homepage presents a variety of multimedia icons for readers to select.

“Here’s CNN, a broadcast entity, and they have video front and center,” Ferrier said. “At the very top of the fold, they have thumbnails here so you can actually see video content, versus an icon telling you about the video content on the page.”

One of Ferrier’s multimedia projects,, has shown great popularity among residents of Volusia and Flagler counties. The website started as a forum for residents and eventually became a social networking site.

Elon University is considering Ferrier as a candidate for a position in the communications department.


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