Posted by: lcowie | September 10, 2008

OneWebDay-Internet Portal to the Past

Internet Portal to the Past

by Lesley Cowie

My mother graduated from Irvington High School in 1971. At this time, there was no Facebook, MySpace or She kept in touch with friends by calling or writing them.

She was skeptical of the Internet when it first came out. My mother continued to call and write her former classmates. She waited until the class reunion to see who her friends had become.

After 15 years, the Internet has developed into a monumental source of information. Younger generations rely on the Internet to purchase clothes, furniture and other items. They have become so loyal to the Internet that many of their daily tasks revolve around the computer.

My mother’s computer literacy has grown tremendously in the past 15 years. She now checks her email every day and has an account on She would have accounts on MySpace and Facebook if she could figure out how to do it. Thankfully, she has not reached that point…yet.

While browsing the web, my mother stumbled across a website titled, “Irvington Remembered.” The site, created by one of her old friends, features a variety of photos from the 1970s. She even saw pictures of herself.

The lengthy website includes photos, newspaper clippings and programs. My mother scrolled for days recalling old names, faces and memories.

She contacted her friend and volunteered to contribute some of her old photos. This required digging through years of photo albums, scanning the appropriate pictures, and sending the files as attachments. Of course, my mother enlisted my help.

We spent hours laughing at the clothing styles and the doodlings on the photos. Ultimately, I ended up burning the photos to a CD and asking my mother to mail them to her friend. We are currently waiting for the site administrator to add our pictures to the page.



  1. First of all, I love that you have added links to everyone’s blog.
    Regarding your post, I think that you have provided a very interesting perspective. Our generation often forgets that there was a time without the world at our fingertips. It is a nice story to hear about other generations finding the beauty of communication today!

  2. Irvington was great in 1971. I also graduated then.

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